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You Are Missing The Best Movie Of Your Life!

the best movie of your life

A good friend of mine (and also the editor of the book Emotional Alchemist) Viv Westbrook made a spot on comment the other day as to stories. It was so intriguing that I figured I would share it in a post and also turn it into a how to lesson in emotional alchemy. It was in a talk about stories that brought on this comment.

We ALL love a good story – it’s what we are!

You ever wonder about this? How so many of our practical living experiences are better gotten through stories that are told. Jesus always taught in parables, and all of our modern day marketing usually tends to be told in a story. It’s what we are best at, and we overwhelming tend to feel a sense of relating when it comes down to the stories we tell each other.

This isn’t just a coincidence.. as the above quote points out, there is no distinction between the stories that we tell to one another to the stories that we are.

We deeply relate to each other in stories! Because they are not only fun but show that everything is connected also through stories that are going on all the time. Do you ever notice, how most of ourĀ pivotalĀ AHA moments often come from fictional stories? That is because our inner is a conglomeration of stories (some good and some bad) but this is what makes our personalities up. It is what makes us uniquely who we are.

Why So Much Human Suffering In The Story

This is a pretty good question to ask when we are trying to allow emotional alchemy to take place. Human suffering typically happens when a sense of personality or thought is too attached to. A lot of energy gets invested into the story, almost like when you are gripping your site in the middle of a very riveting movie.

This same thing happens to us in the midst of our own story, we get too caught up in the movie and forget of letting go and just enjoying how the events are unfolding. We want things to turn out a certain way, even knowing deep down that things don’t work this way. We have no control over those things that are playing out, so relaxing into what is going on rather than trying to control the outcome is almost always in our best interests.

And this is how you’re missing the best movie of all time. The movie of you and how it plays out wonderful without you meddling in the details. As they say, the devil is always in the details. This could be a good opportunity to see the lesson of letting go and allowing things to resolve on their own.

Using emotional alchemy in this way will be both a healthy struggle and emotionally cleansing at the same time. No one said letting go of something would be easy, but you will begin to see that compassion will show up through cleansing. This kind of struggle is always an opportunity back into health.

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