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Why Am I Jealous?


I have always struggled with this. And heck, it has been a gripping theme in a lot of my past relationships. Working on our inner story (or narrative) is not always easy. Here are a few notes that I have picked up from the the narrow path that I travel as a unique human being who sees through this looking glass.

What keeps the jealous story going

Here are a few of things that I’ve noticed about the jealousy story that tend to perpetuate this energy inside of myself. I hope this helps give you direction to find it in yourself (if it exists) and be able to actively stop its momentum.

It all comes down to just seeing. Seeing allows momentum to be slowed and eventually reversed or re-orchestrated to a more beneficial cause. Whether it s self-appreciation, more mindfulness, and better relating with others around you.

  • Belief that because two people love each other, that they shouldn’t love others. (they are your possession)
  • Not being in control of other and what they do or spend time with.
  • Insecurity of own self worth.
  • Misconception that you need someone to be complete or whole.
  • Expectation of the way other should act.

We do it to ourselves

I have a shirt that has a man who is shackled to a large rock that is seemingly floating with a banner over it that says, “we did this to ourselves.” Think about that for a minute. We make agreements with ourselves all the time that we don’t follow through with and make ourselves feel bad.

So instead of feeling bad, break the agreement (or belief by seeing its untruth) and feel awesome.

Most of the time, struggle is necessary for emotional resilience.

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