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What Is Emotional Alchemy?

Emotional alchemy is like you hear from the many books that describe it in stories. How one man is able to transform coal into gold. But that translates into the real world at a much more abundant level. By our shifting and expanding of beliefs are we able to transform our perceived negative feelings about ourselves or toward others into positive more preferential states of mind and feeling.

It is the radical transformation of unconscious reactions into conscious responses.

This comes through being mindful of our very tight nit beliefs that we have not questioned for so long and have just assumed are there for the best. Through the book Emotional Alchemist is displays a number of different beliefs that simply by expanding our mindful out reach that we are able to see our limitation inside. By seeing that limitation are we able to use emotional alchemy to transform them and in a sense set ourselves free.

We will no longer clip our own wings. We will sore like the free bird that we were born to be.

Freeing ourselves from limitation is what we were designed for, and sharing our journey’s with others to help them along their path is our true calling. By seeing and accepting that we are capable of changing ourselves for the better is what mastery and complete integration of being human is.

How Can Emotional Alchemy Help Practically?

There are quiet a few areas in which this undertaking progresses for each of us depending how much compassion and mindfulness that we put into the task.

The first thing that I noticed is that it allows ourselves to not take the stories that we tell ourselves so seriously. As they are just stories (even if told by a narrator that sounds like us) and hold no power over us. That is unless we give them the power to dictate our lives. By seeing the stories as clouds passing through the unlimited canvas in the sky we see that there can be a choice to fixate on them or to let them go.

By letting go we begin to see that this applies through our life in general. If we let go of old beliefs, ideas, concepts, and expectations of things, then we are much more likely to accept ourselves for who we are. And by that acceptance comes self-contentment.

And through self-contentment we will be spring boarded into the blossoming of unconditional love. To share something that we have found inside regardless of whether it’s returned or not.

At this point in the process of emotional alchemy, the discovery that we have always had what we’ve been searching for, and cannot be taken away from us.

This is a moment to moment process and is not always easy. It may put you into some uncomfortable realizations about yourself, but this is potential for exponential growth. To fully accept yourself, because to fully accept yourself are you able to transform yourself into freedom to be best you there is.

Emotional alchemy is nothing magical and is easy practicable in every day life. More on the subjects above can be seen in the eBook Emotional Alchemist in kindle format.