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Wanting Others to Prosper By Letting Go

the power of letting go

Letting go is not something you can will (as some might have found out). But a process in which through acceptance allows us to strengthen our bonds with other human beings. Before this can happen however, it typically, like all other things, starts within us. Being able to accept our current circumstance or story about ourselves and seeing it with honest eyes without judgement. Just by seeing ourselves completely allows the process of letting go to begin and slowly strip away the things that no longer serve us (if that is what we choose.)

Through this process we are allowed the beautiful opportunity to do that with the people we love and interact with. Can you imagine what a world would be like where we don’t have to each other under a filter that we’ve put up over another human being? Whether it be just someone we’ve met, a good friend, or a beloved.

Here are a few articles that I’ve written about my journey of letting go:

Throw Away the Checklist

What I mean by this, is that our checklist  are our ideas about pretty much everything in our day to day life. I find that suffering and anxieties crutch is that we expect something to be a certain way, and when it isn’t, we throw a tantrum like a little kid in a candy story (I refer to that event as the “little Nick”.) When this happens, we are immediately stopped from making progress with ourselves and with others as our ideas are clouding the way we see reality.

However by seeing this process happen, we can become compassionate toward the little us inside, to allow that to go on inside and to give it space. When space is given, typically I’ve experienced an expansion (and this isn’t always the case, sometimes I make a mistake as it takes time to cultivate giving things space. Oh, and isn’t always easy.)

But it is about the little victories with us on our journey of learning that is important. By seeing, even if a mistake follows, we are able to slowly correct and respond more accurately to what we may TRULY want.