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Why Am I Jealous?

I have always struggled with this. And heck, it has been a gripping theme in a lot of my past relationships. Working on our inner story (or narrative) is not always easy. Here are a few notes that I have picked up from the the narrow path that I travel as a unique human being [...]

What My Walk Revealed To Me About Letting Go

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I was on a walk today, while getting over a slight cold which I picked up the other day. I find it refreshing and healthy to go on walks when I am sick because it gets me out of the stagnation of sickness that can be built up in my apartment. I was all set [...]

How To NOT Objectify The Other

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I’ve recently been working with a common theme that exists in a lot of our relational structures as human beings. Now I know what you want to say, “I don’t objectify people.” You would be correct to an extent to think so, but try seeing even the most subtle version of objectification or manipulation. This [...]

What Are The Signs Of A Good Relationship

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Emotional alchemy at its’ core is all about relating to one another. It is making ourselves vulnerable by seeing our failings so that we may come back to health. And although this may not be easy most of the time, the by-product is that every facet of our lives become more vivid and wholesome. In [...]