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How to Slice Through Thought Like a Knife Through Butter

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The principal enemy of mindfulness—or of any meditative practice—is our deeply conditioned habit of being distracted by thoughts. The problem is not thoughts themselves but the state of thinking without knowing that we are thinking.  In fact, thoughts of all kinds can be perfectly good objects of mindfulness. – Sam Harris I am a big fan of meditation and the benefits it has in my everyday life. Not only does it allow me to snap more quickly into the present moment, but I feel over the years that I’ve made plenty of shifts of becoming more compassionate and more loving in my ever day relationships with others. Now I know like every other person on this earth, I have my bad days, but they are usually few and far between. So in this article I will just give my simple guide to snapping back to the present through both sitting meditation and living meditation. Creating good habits by not over-doing it I am sure you've had those experiences where you get this overwhelming desire to create a new habit like running, going to the gym, eating healthy, etc. However, a week into your new habit you get burnt out and drop the habit claiming it is too hard or that it feels too much like a chore. I feel you! I've been there too. [...]

What Are Benefits Of Deep Breathing Meditation?

From an original article from one of my previous blogs Atomic Potential that I felt could benefit you lovely bones out there I am going to share an article with you about the benefits of deep breathing meditation. I think that deep breathing meditation is worth a look at seen as in general deep breathing has a lot of benefits on it’s own and meditation has a lot of benefits on it’s own. So why not smash them together like a delicious delectable smore. I have written about deep breathing before but never linked the two together into one article and feel it’s as good time as any. Plus I have a little more insight into how this can help in breathing meditation. Firstly a plethora of detox in deep breathing meditation includes releasing up to 70% of bodies toxins, muscle tensions relax, and increase immune system. More oxygen to your blood cells means an overhaul of your bodies health. [...]

The Lift Experiment. Tim Ferris NOBNOM Challenge

I haven't written on this thing in a while so I thought I would get back to you guys with some nice juicy details on what I've been up to lately. Aside from being in a process of training myself in programming (mainly Javascript and AngularJS), I have been taking part in a challenge...Well because I love to challenge myself. What Is NOBNOM? NOBNOM challenge was designed by Tim Ferris. It is an acronym for No Beer and No Masturbation for 30 days which was conducted through a check/support group website known as Lift.do. You can read more about the challenge on his blog post, and can still even take part in it with the rest of the group and gain support and accountability if you're up for it. But it was more than just that though. It was a way to begin a purification process against old habits that many people struggle with. It brought awareness to the fact that not only does M cause energy deficiency, lack of motivation, but can also hinder relationships that you have with loved ones. It also pointed out the fact that there are a lot of people with a porn addiction that also has negative or adverse affects on the brain. However I am not saying that M is organically bad, but when abused, it can lead to a lot of distorted habits of healthy sexuality. [...]