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Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Thanks to my friend Delma, I came across a book that recently helped me pull myself out of a funk that had almost overtaken me the other day. This goes completely with my philosophy of sharing your truth with others because what helped you may help others. This book is a short but phenomenal read (I read it in one sitting). It comes down to Kamals journey of going from just breaking up with his girlfriend and losing a close friend to death to transforming himself into loving his life through self-love. [...]

Love Meditation Healing. Why This Shouldn’t Be Missing

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A broken heart can be very taxing on our mental, physical, and spiritual systems when it comes to our survival as human beings. In my book the Emotional AlchemistĀ I talk a lot about a lot of different reasons why having love is very important and what role it plays in our emotional alchemy. I will [...]