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How To NOT Objectify The Other

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I’ve recently been working with a common theme that exists in a lot of our relational structures as human beings. Now I know what you want to say, “I don’t objectify people.” You would be correct to an extent to think so, but try seeing even the most subtle version of objectification or manipulation. This [...]

Why Traveling Will Not Guarantee Emotional Well Being

[caption id="attachment_96" align="aligncenter" width="500"] img src Alex G. on flickr[/caption] This post is largely inspired by the great stoic philosopher Seneca on traveling. We has human beings always tend to want to be in control of everything around us. It gives us a sense of safety in a way, that if we are in control of our reality, then we are safe. When it comes to emotional well being, we tend to get into really grey areas of life because there are not set rules. Everything is circumstantial and what may be the correct response for one situation and one point in time may be an incorrect response in another situation of the same nature. So there are a few things that I would like to expand on a little to clear my own head. Giving up control to trying to change others or circumstances. Distractions (travel in this instance) does not guarantee emotional well being. Being honest with yourself. Giving up control to trying to change others or circumstances. [...]