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One Easy Thinking Shift To Transform Your Life

This lesson in my life has both taken on new meaning and has transformed the way in which that I relate to people at a very essential level. As it turns out we are very selfish human beings. But let us take a look at this since I’m sure that brought up some very seemingly [...]

The Secret To Accepting Yourself

When I began to really see emotional alchemy take hold of me, there was an overall theme that seemed to emerge from every interaction that I had with each person in my life. It painted my personal skys with beautiful hues of colors. Now I won’t say that this kind of process or secret is [...]

What Is Emotional Alchemy In the Face Of Limitation?

When my journey through this path happened, I wasn’t really expecting to get much out of it. It was in the midst of being broken up with. And we all know with a break up becomes most of the time, a broken heart, shattered identity, a feeling a helplessness, and a great loneliness that never [...]

How To Use Emotional Alchemy For Self-Contentment

We all seem to be seeking this form in some form or another. We may go our whole lives seeking this in our external circumstances. Whether it’s hopping from relationship to relationship hoping that someone else will be able to supply it. What I learned ¬†through emotional alchemy is that it isn’t in others that [...]