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Self-Love and Self Acceptance

self love and self acceptance

I found that through relating with others, that like most of the philosophy that I live under, that acceptance isn’t just about the belief itself. Acceptance of the self is one of those things that allow us to be more expansive in our unconditional love for others as it turns out. By acknowledging our shadow side and by merely being open to the possibility that those things can transform does magic for relationship between you and other, and for self-love.

Without completely accepting yourself, your lifes experience will continue to be colored by a conditional filter of self-delusion.

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The Importance of Directly Seeing Yourself

By seeing yourself completely, you are able to see other people for who they are as well. That interconnected-ness happens as a by-product of being honest. It’s important to really look deep inside and find out who we are, as it allows us to transform all of those things that hold us back from loving each other for who we are and not trying to place our own ideas on each other which can lead to a potentially toxic relationship.

In my experience, this process is not exactly always easy because being honest means accepting things about our past that we may have put away because they are hard truths to deal with. See it though as a teacher that wants to show you how dynamic, complex, and unique you are as a human being. That, that experience is there to teach you something that you can share the lesson with others in a positive manner instead of letting it take control of your life and effect you in the long run. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Seneca,

“…Why does not one admit his failings? Because he’s still deep in them. It’s the person who’s awakened who recounts his dream, And acknowledging one’s failings is a sign of health.” – Seneca