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One Minute Insight: February 21

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There is not a moment where the universe is not pulling for you. It’s a miracle that we are all able to collide with each other; to change each others lives. Sometimes in small ways, and sometimes in big ways (both good and bad).

So that we may wake up and realized how connected we all really are with each other. So choose to be good, not because you “have to” or “should.” But because we are in this together, and there is no enemy. We create that division, but working at making each others lives better, we make our own more joyful.

Without separation, there is complete contentedness (there actually always is aside from the agreement we make where we decide to have a “lack of contentedness”.)

You are loved, and always will be. Whether you choose to see it or not, is up to you.  

Happy Fridays Everyone.

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