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Meditation and the Secret to Starting Good Habits

meditation and good habits

There is more and more scientific research that is starting to back this good habit and what kind of impact it has on the human brain toward becoming more spiritually and emotional balanced and healthy. For me, I have noticed that people tend to use this as a grounding tool when they are trying to kick bad habits (like porn addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.) Of course this is not the only thing you should do to quit a bad habit (or addiction.) I still find it very important in my life when I need my own space to abide in myself and my connection with Creator.

I have tried multiple different methods of meditation and they seem to shift depending on where I am in my life on what particular mantras or techniques I focus on.

Here are a few articles that I have written on the subject:

Creating a Habit of Meditation

Creating a habit with anything is crucial to the momentum and success of a newly formed good habit. I talk more about habit forming in my book (as well as some other methods of meditation that I use) but the basics of it habit forming is KIS (Keep It Simple.)

Don’t try to make a habit with anything extravagant..

For example, if I am going to teach myself the habit of running, I would start by running for 2-5 minutes every day. Make it so easy that your brain doesn’t even have to think twice about doing the activity. Do that for 21 days and then for each other week after, I usually would add another 1 minute to it until I’ve reached my desired habit time. If you start feeling those thoughts of wanting to quite during the habit forming phases, then cut back.

One other good tip on habit forming is grab an accountability buddy or support group. I typically will use a new website that hosted the NOBNOM challenge on it. has tons of people that are openly and willingly there for support and accountability.