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Love Meditation Healing. Why This Shouldn’t Be Missing


A broken heart can be very taxing on our mental, physical, and spiritual systems when it comes to our survival as human beings. In my book the Emotional Alchemist I talk a lot about a lot of different reasons why having love is very important and what role it plays in our emotional alchemy. I will not led up on it’s crucial importance here because of how passionate I am about it even now.

It is one of those things that we cannot live without, and goes hand in hand with the souls connection with the body we’ve been given. I’m sure you’ve read about reports of older folks dying of a broken heart. So in an attempt to combat that I’ve taking a page from my book to explain how best to combat that with some love meditation healing.

I feel love meditation is one of those things that you must first do for yourself. It is essential because one cannot follow the path of unconditional love without first accepting and loving yourself first.

And all emotional alchemy happens inside (that magic of transmuting a feeling of separation to inclusiveness with the whole.) First I would like to give you a precursor to love meditation healing by saying that don’t start your experiment practice too long. As a habit needs to be started small enough so that the individual doesn’t get burnt out over it. Make the practice incredibly easy to achieve. I usually suggest 10 minutes a day to newcomers, because this isn’t a large amount of time and you will find easing benefits from just this effort.

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and relax (preferably with no distractions).
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  • Now when you close your eyes visualize yourself smiling. The person you want to be.
  • He or she is relaxed and invites you to them, hugging you and showing yourself compassion.
  • You could even tell this other you that you love them.
  • If thoughts bombard you, just thank the thoughts for coming up and gently bring yourself back to seeing your compassionate self.
  • You can even switch focus to others in your life who you love if that is easier.
  • Visual hugging, caring, and showing affection to them.

How Does This Love Meditation Healing Work?

Good questions deserve a good answer! You see the physical body does not distinguish between experiences when it comes to response. So when we feel genuine love or general intent towards others our body releases oxytocin. Feelings of love and compassion, this molecule is also known as the cuddle hormone. But like in a dream that “feels” real, meditation and visualization works much the same way. This is the magic of emotional alchemy at play.

They also have a name for this kind of meditation called metta which stands for loving-kindness. Showing it outward through meditation, actually fulls your own fire and helps it grow. That and your sharing of this with someone in meditation, will send it to them instantaneously in real life. Our vibrations have a very powerful affect on our outward experience with one another. Love Meditation Healing is a good source of emotional alchemy because it takes us from a place of separation to a seeing of interconnected-ness, which is much more expansive and inclusive.

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