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Practicing Mindfulness and Creating A Love Mantra

the love mantra


In my journey to being more compassionate and loving around the people that bless me with being in my life. I have come to create my own rituals that I have found that resonate well with me throughout the day.

It is similar to Kamals “I love myself” mantra but with an added prayer to the Master (I also call him the Master Programmer). This helps me orchestrate my day on a positive tone, rather than getting snagged up by the stories we can sometimes get carried away with. Stories that make us heavy and may not be particularly helpful when it comes to loving ourselves and enjoying life from moment to moment.

Here are my two major rituals that I indulge in from day to day and from moment to moment.

The prayer

So a little bit of the background on how I perceive God/Life/Reality. It is that all moments exist right here and now, and that every reality, rather than being linear; are all stacked onto each other.

Which means all possible realities can be accessed right now from Master Programmer.

Why am I telling you this?

Well… because it leads you into why my prayer is short and sweet and also gives me the blueprint of showing myself my non-separate connection with the cosmos (God). It is in some variation of this:

I thank you for the blessing of our non-separation and unconditional love. If it is possible at this point, can you to shift me to the reality in which me as well as everyone around me can directly experience you and be their enlightened version. And that I may shift to the reality in which abundance in any way shape or form can come to me easily so that I may share it with whoever chooses to take me in their company.

For me, this opens up the divinity to asking to be shifted to the reality that is already present and that I already have access to but to have it start to manifest. It is just as important to listen as it is to also ask and then to abide in that loving presence.

Moment to moment love mantra

This is how I turn my prayer into magic though. This is the practical application of the prayer. And I hope that maybe you can create some version that best suits who you are as a dynamic loving human being. A beloved soul which I appreciate regardless of whether I personally know you, or are just a wanderer stumbling upon this post.

This has helped me back to what Ram Dass considers our soul perspectives, in which the story and description we sell ourselves cannot touch. Whenever we feel like our attention is being grabbed too much by our story, we can bring ourselves back to our Source, God, or Awareness.

The simple mantra I have learned to use when my thoughts get carried away is

I Am Unconditional Love

I say this with as much compassion as I can (usually on my in breath). And I will usually bring my focus to where my heart is (or in the center of our bodies.) This usually brings me right back into right now.

Whatever self-victimization story I had been believing in before, seems to dissolve and I come back to my soul plane where I can connect back with who I really am. Things become lighter and even impure desires seem to lift away.

Do what feels right for you

In my living philosophy I always make it known that whomever I am sharing with, that do what feels right for them. If something doesn’t jive well that I am sharing then don’t take it. Appreciate what I am saying as my unique representation of God, but also know that I understand that we are all unique representations of God with our own unique set of blueprints, methods, and styles.

So if the way in which I pray does not resonate with you; use your method! Please do!

And if my mantra does not feel right to you, modify yours so that it feels right and hits you at a deep loving level. Whatever it takes to connect with God is what we’re looking for, for a more healthier you so that you may share it with those that you love and are close to you.



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