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Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

love yourself like your life depends on it

Thanks to my friend Delma,

I came across a book that recently helped me pull myself out of a funk that had almost overtaken me the other day. This goes completely with my philosophy of sharing your truth with others because what helped you may help others.

This book is a short but phenomenal read (I read it in one sitting). It comes down to Kamals journey of going from just breaking up with his girlfriend and losing a close friend to death to transforming himself into loving his life through self-love.

The truth is to love yourself with the same intensity you would use to pull yourself up if you were hanging off a cliff with your fingers – Kamal Ravikant

Vowing to yourself to love yourself goes beyond just a promise as Kamal put it.

It is probably the most important practice any human can have with their time here on earth. Not only does it benefit YOU but it benefits everyone around you in which you interact with.

Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and truly say, “I love myself.” is something to be incredibly blessed and joyous about. Getting past all the confused self-narration begins to come to a stop when you practice whats in this book.I can attest to this myself being a long time meditation practitioner (zen style).

A lot of people still have this idea that you have to love others first before you can love yourself. 

Kamal and I seem to be in agreeance on the fact that this isn’t true. That you can NOT love others completely until you have been completely in love with yourself. I am not talking about self-absorption, I am talking about Self-Love. The thing that expands outward toward others without a need for acknowledgement or acceptance of others. An overflowing of the heart.

If you want to read more about Kamals Journey you can check out his blog or buy his book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” on Amazon to get his full sharing of his beautiful story and some very practical, down to earth stuff that helped transmute darkness into life.

And I will leave you with one of my favorite excerpts from his chapter titled “I’m in love” of his from his eBook,

That stops me. Of course. Here we are, thinking that one needs to be in love with another to shine, to feel free and shout from the rooftops, but the most important person, the most important relationship we’ll ever have is waiting, is craving to be loved truly and deeply ([ourselves]).

And here’s the interesting part. When we love ourselves, we naturally shine, we are naturally beautiful. And that draws others to us. Before we know it, they’re loving us and it’s up to us to choose who to share our love with.

Beautiful irony. Fall in love with yourself. Let your love express itself and the world will beat a path to your door to fall in love with you. -Kamal Ravikant”

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Beautiful writeup. Thank you.

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