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Learning About Yourself Through Relationships

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I’ve always considered my relationships to be a reflection of myself in some way. They always seem to teach me the most about who I am as a person, and who I am becoming. How I treat my friends says a lot about who I am and how I most likely treat myself. And so loving myself has been an important mantra that I have incorporated in my life. Loving ourselves is important because it allows us to have better relationships with others as a by-product. So of course, a few articles were thus created to remind myself the bridge that loving yourself and treating others with respect comes into play.

Here are some of those articles for your enjoyment:

The Secrets of a Good Relationship

What I’ve discovered is that it all starts with me. Just like when we throw a rock into a pond, the rings emit from the middle and travel outward. So does our loving intention with our loved ones. Without self work, we cannot have healthy contact with our friends, family, and lovers.

I am not talking about self-absorption, because self-absorption doesn’t deal in the realms of seeing our shadow sides. Fully accepting those behaviors, and then responding to change those things if we see them beneficial to be changed.

Some of the best relationships I have had were when I was working the most at dropping my ideas about the person I am relating to, from moment to moment. Allowing them to fully blossom into who they actually are, rather than the image I might want them to be. The more we can practice that, the better we are in the long run.