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Taking The Log Out Of Your Eye And Destroying Inner Judgement

taking the log out judgement

I have been very active in the past week (not particularly in writing), but in going out and enjoying nature. Yes… The picture above is me bursting through a tree, showing superman how its done.

It has given me a lot of time to think about things and to look inwardly, to dig deep, and to find out what is really running me. And how we can be so critical of ourselves. That inner judgement leads us to want to judge others. However when we begin to catch ourselves in that thought loop and start to re-orchestrate our thought patterns to loving ourselves, something happens.

For instance the simple mantra which Kamal uses on his in breaths, “I love myself.” is a good healthy first step!

Maybe why bible verses like this spring up from Matthew 7, 4-5:

“Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

That when we learn how to cleanse ourselves, judgement no longer becomes an operation we put out toward others as a by-product. They may not completely stop, but in my experience they are lessened in larger degrees.

Let me share with you a wonderful story that Kamal Ravikant brought up in his book Live Your Truth about Gandhi,

A woman comes to Gandhi with her son and says to him, “my son eats sugar all day, it’s so bad for his health. He respects you. Can you tell him to stop eating sugar? I know he’ll listen to you.”

Gandhi looks at her for a moment, thinks.

“Come back with your son in two weeks,” he says. “I will tell him then.”

The woman is disappointed, but leaves. Two weeks later, she returns, son in tow. Gandhi looks at the boy and says, “stop eating sugar.”

“What the…?” The woman’s response. “Why did you not tell him two weeks ago?”

“Because before I could tell him to stop eating sugar,” Gandhi says to her,”I myself had to stop eating sugar.”

How awesome is that? Showing by action. Taking the log out of his own eye. This story is potent to our everyday lives. Before we can make judgement over others, maybe we should be mindful of our own inner narrator and/or living experience of the issue being discussed.

Walking in someone else’s shoes and then stopping that momentum in yourself will allow you to help the ones you love out of their momentum (If they want the help). It starts with you.

This also begins to cultivate a powerful momentum of alchemy in terms of forgiveness. As Kamal realize,

I am human.

Here I am, fallible, judging another fallible being through the lenses of the past, through fear. I thought I had to forgive my father to be free. Turns out, I had to forgive myself. If you come to it that way, forgiveness for others is not just easy, it’s a way of being.”

So to recap on our judgement of ourselves and others, here are some things to consider or look for. If you find them in yourself, you can begin to re-shape and use emotional alchemy to transform them into something more beautiful.

  • Judgement is typically from a place of your ideas of how you think things should be rather than what it is.
  • “My way is right, your way is wrong mentality.” Investigate if there may not be more than one way to the same solution.
  • Rid yourself of the what your judging another before deciding whether you want share your concerns about it.

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Natasha Lynn

You’re really showing superman Nick 😛
I am reminded of the emergency procedures on planes. Have to put the mask on yourself before your child etc. plus makes me think of coaching on lift! How they are using people with experience to coach others as Gandhi had to stop eating sugar to have that personal experience ^_^

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