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How Emotional Alchemy May Save Your Life

emotional alchemy save your life

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I will get to how emotional alchemy may save your life in the wrong run but first let me tell you a little story about how I got to where I am today. And it may seem like it is somewhat of a mundane event that entered into my life. About a year and a half ago I was in my very first serious relationship but was big into philosophy (still am). At that time I was very happy with where I was… or so I thought.

I came to a self-realization that most of our interactions with people are out of manipulation of conditioning, and this took to there being no you there. To my this was an earth shattering event for me. I could not find any tangible me there when putting aside all the beliefs, concepts, and ideas.. just those things making transactions with itself through human beings as catalysts. Through this time my life seem to unravel at the seems.

At this point you can see something like this happen and consider the two outcomes:

  • My life is falling apart (at this time she had just broken up with me)
  • Something big is coming, a change in the way I view the world.

I felt both simultaneously at the same time (there is nothing saying this won’t happen too!) At the time I didn’t fully comprehend what emotional alchemy was doing to me.

But I realized that emotional alchemy was molding me into something receptive to great growth and change.

Here is how it was doing just that. By releasing me from my relationship and the change in my perspective did I notice that there were conditioning that I was harboring and were poisonous not only to me, but the people I cared about in my life. They made me rigid and stubborn, and didn’t allow much room to budge.

As I watched those feelings coming up (being mindful of this helps) I noticed certain qualities that I was exhibiting now in my current break up with patterns I had exhibited subtly in the past. For example, my four biggest obstacles were jealousy, possessiveness, control, and fear of being abandoned.

It will save your life because it allows you to see your failings. By realizing these things are we able to respond and change them.

That is how life is though. It is a great story of letting go. We are presented with an obstacle and through this emotional alchemy of letting go of past conditioning (coupled with being mindful and seeing them there because letting go can’t be willed), are we able to re-orchestrate the way in which we respond and relate to others. In this way a lot of my old conditioning was burned away in a sense.

And was replaced with better ways of practical living with others. Allowing perspectives of others to be as they are. Knowing that my perspective is one of many unique perspective (and that each perspective including mine isn’t right or wrong). This is why I say even in those instances where your life seems to fall apart, that emotional alchemy may actually save your life.

More on this subject and ways out of it in my new kindle book Emotional Alchemist which you can reach by clicking on the book below!

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