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Why Giving Emptiness Teaching A Shot Is Worth It

emptiness teaching

This is often translated and mistranslated into a lot of different concepts. Some view the teaching of emptiness as part of nihilistic thinking (the state in which all is meaningless), but this is getting mixed up what is commonly known as experiencing nothingness. Adyashanti actually refers to the emptiness that I talk about in a few of my articles as openness. To see how connected we are with the whole universe or with God (in this case there is no separation). That the Creator and created are so close in relationship that they are not separate.

This is a common paradox because we have the experience of being a “little ol me” as Alan Watts commonly quips which can bring about a feeling of being all alone in this world with possibly no connection to anything. However, upon investigation, these concepts can be broken and seen that we are indeed empty, but what we are empty of is separation.

There are many benefits to re-orchestrating our perspective in this way because I have noticed that my compassion toward my fellow human being has increased and my virtue strengthened through this process. I have also noticed a general want to help others as they are just as much Creator as I am.

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