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Emotional Resilience, What is That Exactly?

emotional resilience


For me, it is the lessons in which we are faced with in the experience of just merely being in relationship with others. When things seemingly do not go our way and how we respond to those situations. Under the hood, this can look anything like getting angry for something someone did to us (or how someone hurt us), or jealous of a friend or our beloved. All of these can be summed up in lessons of resilience toward being a more balanced you.

We get to find out which things bother us when we are in relationship with others, and we also have the opportunity, given we pursue it, to see what beliefs we have about that person or circumstances that is causing our inner anxiety or suffering. Seeing these as lessons can be very important building blocks for our growth in our relationships with both ourselves and others.

Here are a few articles I have written of my own experiences:

Throwing the Tantrum

I talk about this often with my friends who come to share their experience with me. I call it, “Little Nick throwing a tantrum again.” When we don’t get our way, it is a wonderful opportunity to see the “throwing the tantrum” attitude we get toward life. This is one of the best teachings in mindfulness I can find in my experience and it literally can be experienced at any moment during the day.

Given you take up the practice of being mindful of it, you will slowly realize that the little you throwing the tantrum is okay, it doesn’t need any of our will to change it. Just seeing it and allowing it to play out inside and accepting it helps dissipate the energy (not always all at once, and not always easy to not react to it.)

The more I show compassion to my little me, the stronger I get in letting go of trying to “get my way.” I slowly learn to unbind myself and be free.