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Emotional Alchemist: Benjamin Smythe

ben smythe emotional alchemy

I am very glad and honored to say that I’ve had the ability to share some kind words with Benjamin Smythe over a short span of time. A very kind hearted buddy of mine that I’ve never actually met. There is just something about this charming young fellow that attracts people to him.

When I first started watching his videos I noticed something very very important that emotional alchemy typically incorporates. That is the idea that in order to live a good life, one needs to see that they are loved. Self-Love is one of the big keys to expressing unconditional love and sharing it with others.

Ben Smythes talks exudes gobs of this self-contentment/self-love, in various ways. He is one of the most vulnerable/courageous people to date that I’ve witnessed via facebook. He is not afraid to get down and dirty and to tell it like it is. Yet he holds the compassion of 10 thousand lions (that would make a good band name) caring for each other in their den.

This is one rad dude. no joke. So I decided to ask him three questions all of which he answered perfectly. How can he not though, the answers are the embodiment of what it means to be Ben Smythe. And in he comes to share,

Q:What were your three most potent realizations that got you to who you are right now.

BS: language is the only thing that is alive.

this is the brain breaking realization of life existing only in sound. without language, nothing happened.

Q2:What do you consider to be your emotional alchemy?

BS: “what do i want?” is the living answer of the skeleton.

“what do i want?” cannot be escaped by any language, i.e. the story of my life is not my life.

Q3: What are your 4 most practical ideas or strategies you use that help you live a good life and to help others on their journey of being a human?


  • 1. there is no time machine.
  • 2. no one is coming.
  • 3. minimalism = maximization.
  • 4. the test: (a tool i made)
  • 1. what is the wish?
  • 2. what is reality?
  • 3. what is felt when wish doesn’t match reality?
  • 4. what is felt when reality is wished for?

And with lots of respect from me to him and him to I, I leave you with this little nugget for you all to enjoy. We are all in this together learning from the process of life. Sharing notes, and finding out what works best! I will leave you with an awesome video which falls under how to have a healthy relationship that Ben has been kind enough to share his notes on with the world. Blessings to you guys.

If you enjoyed the article, and/or like the video, you can find Ben Smythe on his own YouTube channel here.


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