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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship By Breaking Bad (Habits)

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It has been two years since the last time that I have been in a relationship. No, not the ones we have every day with people, but the one that involves a female companion. I’ve learned a lot about myself in that time of reflection and mindfulness. I’ve learned to love and respect myself (and am still learning). I have also learned of the shadow parts of my life that I wanted to change, and have been working at every moment to respond better to others. When it comes to relationship, I think it is good to have a clear idea of what we want from it. For me, naturally that comes to writing it down or creating a blueprint (or guidelines) of it. So here is what I learned as to how to maintain a healthy relationship and what that even looks like. I don’t claim to be a relationship expert but these are things that I’ve seen in my own experienced and thought I would share it. I hope this may help guide you in your own exploration of what a healthy relationship is. Being able to share what you want and to communicate clearly is very important. Especially with the ones you love. In comes my naked vulnerable self [...]

You Don’t Get To Keep It

Today has been an amazing day of insight for me. Something that is always pleasant to rediscover is impermanence. Impermanence sounds like a big word but all it really means is that nothing will last. It all either dies or moves on in the transition of the seasons. I mean, even the transitioning of the [...]

What My Walk Revealed To Me About Letting Go

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I was on a walk today, while getting over a slight cold which I picked up the other day. I find it refreshing and healthy to go on walks when I am sick because it gets me out of the stagnation of sickness that can be built up in my apartment. I was all set [...]

How To NOT Objectify The Other

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I’ve recently been working with a common theme that exists in a lot of our relational structures as human beings. Now I know what you want to say, “I don’t objectify people.” You would be correct to an extent to think so, but try seeing even the most subtle version of objectification or manipulation. This [...]

How To Let Go Of Anger

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It seems that the general theme of life is about how to let go of anger or just on letting go in general. With letting go, comes a whole plethora of other opportunities that come as a by-product, like being compassionate toward one another, accepting yourself and others, no longer giving into human suffering to name a few. Here are a few of the things I want to touch on in this article because it's important for me to share with you. I don't want to suffer just as much as I don't want you to suffer. You and I share a close bond together that you may not realize (yet) but if you are reading this, then we are connected. Why letting go cannot be controlled. (And why) How letting go of anger is actually the path of unconditional love. Holding on is like drinking poison. Meditation on how to let go of anger [...]

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