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What My Walk Revealed To Me About Letting Go

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I was on a walk today, while getting over a slight cold which I picked up the other day. I find it refreshing and healthy to go on walks when I am sick because it gets me out of the stagnation of sickness that can be built up in my apartment. I was all set [...]

How To Let Go Of Anger

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It seems that the general theme of life is about how to let go of anger or just on letting go in general. With letting go, comes a whole plethora of other opportunities that come as a by-product, like being compassionate toward one another, accepting yourself and others, no longer giving into human suffering to name a few. Here are a few of the things I want to touch on in this article because it's important for me to share with you. I don't want to suffer just as much as I don't want you to suffer. You and I share a close bond together that you may not realize (yet) but if you are reading this, then we are connected. Why letting go cannot be controlled. (And why) How letting go of anger is actually the path of unconditional love. Holding on is like drinking poison. Meditation on how to let go of anger [...]

How Letting Go Of Control Can Lead You Back To You

If you like this article, please share it with loved ones on facebook, google+, and any other social media sites, IT is much appreciated. This seems to be a theme that plays a large role in the west style of relationship. We always seem to be trying to control our circumstance to have some kind of grounding. This kind of clinging causes much human suffering. Letting go of control is probably one of the most important things you can learn when relating to others. Why is letting go important? When we can't see that our ideas may not be whats actually going on, then we cling to that idea even at the expense of our our happiness. Letting go of our ideas of ourselves and others  is important because it allows true openness and honesty to blossom during relating. Trying to pin a stagnant checklist/idea to someone you love (or to yourself) is not conducive to emotional well being. As soon as we have an idea of someone else, we no longer see them for who they are. And this then leads to mis-understanding because of our insistence to clinging to OUR idea that they "should or shouldn't" be a certain way. This is a selfish behavior which when seen through can be stopped through conscious response. See how human suffering can sprout from just this need to hang on to our ideas? We not only shoot ourselves in the foot with this one, but we end up shooting the other in the foot as well, even though they are innocent! What does letting go of control look like? [...]

How Emotional Alchemy May Save Your Life

I will get to how emotional alchemy may save your life in the wrong run but first let me tell you a little story about how I got to where I am today. And it may seem like it is somewhat of a mundane event that entered into my life. About a year and a [...]

You Are Missing The Best Movie Of Your Life!

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A good friend of mine (and also the editor of the book Emotional Alchemist) Viv Westbrook made a spot on comment the other day as to stories. It was so intriguing that I figured I would share it in a post and also turn it into a how to lesson in emotional alchemy. It was [...]