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How To Bypass Heart Void With Emptiness (Unconditional Love)

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As you may or may not have noticed, but I have been taking quite a break from posting on Emotional Alchemy. I can assure you that it is to good cause. To re-shape who I am and to get back to the beat of my soul. And with this I have more to share with you. So I am going to show you my spiritual walk as well as how I was able to bypass the feeling of nothingness that can typically happen when you delve into a think called "The Emptiness Teaching." To the many Bodhisattva, this is one of the most important teachings, and to the Christ this is, "To gain your life, you must lose your life." Unconditional Love is Directly Seeing Yourself [...]

The Secret To Accepting Yourself

When I began to really see emotional alchemy take hold of me, there was an overall theme that seemed to emerge from every interaction that I had with each person in my life. It painted my personal skys with beautiful hues of colors. Now I won’t say that this kind of process or secret is [...]